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About Us

Huda centre and WMSA is a registred charity (charity No.114798) . The centre is situated in Newtown, the north of the inner city area of Birmingham, England where there is no other centre which serve for the Muslim community in this area. It has been established to serve the local community, particularly in meeting their religious, educational, social, and cultural needs.

We aim to advance the education level of the community and provide facilities of social welfare for leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for all residents of Birmingham and surrounding areas by the provision, maintenance and management of a community centre.

Huda Centre aims to provide the local community of Newtown and surrounding areas with:

  • An Islamic Centre for religious worship (Mosque)
  • Education services
  • Community activities and services
  • Provision of the basic Islamic Services to the local Muslim community
  • Promote greater understanding of Islam within both the local Muslim and Non-Muslim community
  • Encourage positive interaction with the local community at large
  • Provide youth activities
  • Arrange local authority surgeries

Contact us:

1 Unett Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 3BP
Phone: 01214480580