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Huda Centre provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of the Muslim and wider community. The centre caters for all its spiritual needs such as prayers, festivals and Islamic awareness /lectures

These services and advices cover the following areas:

  • Education achievements: Homework club, lectures, seminars
  • Health awareness: Fitness, smoking  
  • Family and children: play and fun
  • Youth activities and awareness: leadership, sport, Crime and drugs awareness, career advice
  • Parenting: workshops and lectures
  • Sport and entertainments: For children, youth and families
  • Community cohesion:  with B-united

 In addition to the above services the centre also offer the following core services:

  • Drop in centre: Community Café and tea (Wednesdays)
  • Access to information:  guidance, advice and support on a whole range of topics, signposting and referral to relevant expert bodies
  • Venue Hire for groups, individuals or service providers
  • Drop in surgery for government organisations such as police, Housing department, health authority, etc.


Religious & Spiritual: Huda Centre is is open for all prayers

Contact us:

1 Unett Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 3BP
Phone: 01214480580